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Stop motion games?


Stop motion is a technique for creating animations, but unlike most graphic techniques, most of the process is done without a computer.


We plan the script, storyboard and then move on to building props, sets, and puppets. Any range of materials can be used, from wool, balsa wood, old toys and of course, clay. Aluminum wire is especially useful for creating the armatures, which are necessary for control over movements.


The characters and props are then arranged on a set, with a proper lighting, and camera. We then plug the camera into the computer, where we can see and control the shooting in detail. And then the animation process begins - move a puppet a little, shoot, move again and so on. As you probably guessed, this is a very tedious process, and therefore the production time is relatively long.


So why do we use stop motion? We love how the feel of real, physical objects can feel to the player, espacially on a tablet when you can touch it and it reacts!

There's a unique quality to it which leaves an impression quite difficult to replicate in other graphical techniques. We can provide a personal style to our games, hopefully unforgettable.


iPollute and the Grow games


iPollute is a stop motion game from the grow genre, inspired by the  the Grow Cube and Grow RPG games.​​It is animated in a hand crafted environment and then combined with Corona SDK to create a dynamic playing valley.


What is iPollute?
​iPollute is a stop motion puzzle game for the  iOS and Android. As you play, you will pollute a small green valley to various kinds of amusing apocalypses. There's more than one solution to the puzzle, but only one of which will cause the valley to rejuvenate and bloom.
What is stop motion?
Stop motion is a technique for creating graphics using hand-made items for the set, puppets and props, then shooting all of those together with a real camera, and later editing it to be usable game graphics. 


What platforms will the game is available on?
The game is availble on iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4 and above, iPod Touch 4+, Android tablets and phones, and Kindle Fire.
This is too hard... What do I do?​
Collect coins by playing and buy hints! They will give you a better chance of guessing right. Also read the journal and find the how to play in it.
How many people worked on this?
The core team is of two, but along the way we had help with game design, story, animation, code and soundtrack from Eytan Majar, Daniel Sasson, Omri Lahav, Yarron Katz and Shahar Zrihan.


What if I don't want to pollute?
Then try to discover how to save the valley!


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