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Crafty Arcade: home of hand-crafted stop-motion games!

About the Game


iPollute is an eco-themed, stop-motion game from the indie studio Crafty Arcade. The game was modeled in clay, built and filmed in an imaginary polluted valley. Playing the game reveals life-like animations, which grow and evolve as the game progresses. the beginning is of a peaceful green valley. The sky is bright, the air is clean but there is no sign of human presence. Progressing in the game generates a wide assortments of human waste, the building of a polluting factory and the destruction of nature. As the player enjoys the various scenarios, a riddle arises - can I save this valley or only destroy it? Can natural health and beauty co-exist with human civilization? The main challenge of the game is then revealed - how do the player's choices affect the valley and what is the way to ultimate destruction, or complete rejuvenation.


Can you solve the secret of the valley?

What's New?

iPollute is now on the App Store.
iPollute is now Apple Featured in both Kids and Educational categories

About Crafty Arcade

A father-daughter studio which specializes in creative stop-motion games was founded in 2012. Two years and several thousand frames shot later, we are releasing our first game: iPollute.

The locations in the game are placed in a crafted physical set while the heroes of our story sculpted in clay and other materials.

In this game, the polluting factors and their environmental effects are the heroes. We searched in old dumps for real world solutions. And so we packed all these into a unique and challenging riddle-game.

The first presentation of the game in GDC 2014 won a BEST-IN-PLAY honourable mention. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed playing our game in the show and overwhelmed us with their excitement.


About Avishay

Serial Entrepreneur


Founded Crafty Arcade game studio with the vision of developing stop-motion games .  


In 2003 established a technological incubator, Xenia Ventures, and served as a COB for 7 years. Xenia is a publicly traded company.

In 1988  founded and lead two semiconductor starts-ups. One of them, Novanet which had incepted in1998  in partnership with Ericsson, was later sold to an American semiconductors player. 

Avishay received with honor a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Interdisciplinary Technology from EMU and before that a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Technion.


About Hadas

Animator and Designer


An artist, animator and game designer, Hadas has been creating games since she could talk. From talking puppets to card games and tabletop RPGs. 


Hadas coded and animated her first stop motion game, Druid, during her time at the Bezalel Academy of the Arts. She later created Witch, a full-fledged fighting game animated with knitted puppets, as a graduation project. After proving that stop motion games can be a reality, she set out to bring them to the masses. 


With iPollute, she hopes to create an experience that's not only fresh and unique in terms of art, but also carries a meaningful message.

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